Secrets For Avoiding a Bad Job Interview

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Secrets For Avoiding a Bad Job Interview

Though you often do not know why you had a bad interview, when you have one you are certainly well aware of that fact. Though your first impulse after a bad interview might be to simply forget it and move , thinking about the nature and possible causes of that bad interview is a valuable exercise. Only by paying attention to both our strong and weak performance factors can we hope to become more well rounded and eliminate avoidable sources of interview failure. So if you've had an unsuccessful interview lately, one that you walked out of shaking your head in disappointment, spend a few moments right now thinking about what made it so bad.

Was your bad interview a result of simply not having the experience, knowledge and qualifications of the job? For instance, did the interviewer ask you questions about how you have handled situations that you have not handled before, or how you would perform tasks that you do not know how to handle? Though this kind of interview failure might seem to be unfixable, there are actually a lot of steps you can take to perform better next time. Though you can't simply make up or claim experience that you don't have, there are ways of speaking about the experience you do have in a way that makes it applicable to experience that you may not have gained yet. To make this kind of adjustment in the future, the secret is preparation ahead of time. Knowing more about the kind of experience and requirements the target job is looking for will help you to evaluate what similar experience you can talk about in response to that question in the future.

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Was the bad job interview a result of having the experience and requirements, but not conveying that appropriately? You will know that you had this kind of job interview when you walk out of the interview reviewing your answers and cringing to yourself at the memory. If you find yourself thinking of alternate ways to have answered the question, and wishing that you had brought up specific points, you might want to practice your answers a bit. One good tactic to try is to create a kind of basic template or formula for any interview question you receive. This formula might include an answer, some facts or figures from your work history, and a story that contains a relevant situation, action and result. Taking an educated guess about the requirements, desired results and environment that you would find at the target company will help you to develop prospective answers which are especially relevant to the job.

Lastly, was your bad job interview a result of some logistical error on your part? Did you dress inappropriately? Come in late? Ask for the wrong person at the front desk? Try to make a joke with the interviewer that didn't work? Though these kinds of mistakes might hurt the worst because they are so preventable, they also are the easiest to avoid in the future.

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