Secret Questions to Ask at a Job Interview

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

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Secret Questions to Ask at a Job Interview

The short answer to the question of what questions to ask at job interview is to ask the questions which get the information you need to make your best career decision. If you need to know what the typical career path looks like at the company, ask. If you need to know how much travel you would be expected to perform, fire away. If you need to know what kind of training you could expect to receive during your first year on the job, just query. As you ask these questions in the job interview, just be aware that the interviewer is judging and analyzing the kinds of questions that you ask almost as closely as he or she is evaluating the answers you give to his or her questions. Consequently, treat the questions you ask with the same consideration that you treat your answers.

The first consideration of what questions to ask at a job interview should be not to create a bad impression with your question. Typically, this means avoiding three sensitive areas of questioning. The first area to avoid is any question that can be answered through a basic researching of the company, position and industry. Before you go into the job interview, spend some time learning about the environment and duties of your job. Though nobody expects you to be an expert on a job you haven't worked at yet, you should at least be able to avoid asking the most elementary questions.

More Questions to Ask at Job Interview Considerations

The second kind of forbidden questions to ask at a job interview is a question related to money. There is a time and a place for salary and bonus discussions, and the job interview is not the time or place. As unrealistic as it might be, the job interview is treated as a chance to discuss the job without consideration of the money question. Later, when you both have a greater idea about the job's duties and your own qualifications for the job, the money issue will be more appropriately dealt with. The third area to avoid is any question that forces the interviewer to disparage the existing workforce or management. Nobody is comfortable denigrating their team to a stranger, so interviewers put in this position will both avoid giving an honest answer and resent you for the questions.

When in doubt about what questions to ask at job interview, seek out the personal opinion or summary of the interviewer. For instance, you might ask what attracted him or her to the company, or what his most positive experience has been with an aspect of the job. Questions like this flatters him or her, which creates a positive feeling towards you. These questions also give the interviewer a chance to speak, which allows you to take a quick breather from the mentally taxing work of interviewing. Lastly, the answer to these questions may provide some clues to what the interviewer values that you can incorporate into your own sales pitch for yourself in the interview.

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