Questions to Ask on a Job Interview

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

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Questions to Ask on a Job Interview

Good questions to ask on a job interview include the questions that help you decide if you want the job, questions that highlight your positive characteristics and questions that create a stronger relationship with the interviewer. During the part of the job interview, when the interviewer stops asking you questions and opens up for any queries you have, you definitely want to be able to provide some sort of intelligent response. Though it's tough to predict what topics will come up for you to pursue further in the interview, there are some questions you can prepare ahead of time. Asking the interviewer for his or her personal take on the benefits of the company, or why he or she took a job there is a good standby.

These kinds of personal questions to ask on a job interview are good because they get the interviewer talking about him or herself, which people generally like to do. That makes the interviewer like you more, while giving you a bit of a break from the tough work of answering questions. Other good standby questions are about the company's short and medium term direction. Ask the interviewer what kind of initiatives or programs the company is engaged in, and what the company will look like in five or ten years. These questions get the interviewer talking, demonstrate your intellectual curiosity, and show that you are at least considering making a long-term career with the company.

More Questions to Ask on Job Interview Concerns

Just as important as knowing what questions to ask on a job interview, is knowing what questions to avoid on a job interview. A big part of success in a job interview is not doing anything that gives the interviewer ammunition to eliminate you from consideration for the job. By avoiding three of the most common job interview mistakes of judgment, you can reduce the chance of being eliminated for the questions you ask. The first subject to avoid is money. In the job interview, don't ask about the position's salary, bonuses, pay structure or anything of the sort. Companies like to pretend to think that their employees come work for them out of intangible reasons like professional challenges and personal growth. They also like to keep their salary information as simple as possible. By asking questions about money, you create a double faux pas.

To ask your best job interview question, you should also avoid the subject of other workers performances. Even if you suspect that the reason you are being hired is because the team and/or manager is incompetent, you can't ask anything which would suggest that. The manager is likely to be very protective of the team and resent any insinuation that anyone in the organization is not performing competently. Lastly, avoid any questions that could be answered through basic research and investigation into the company and job.

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