Physician Job Interview Secrets

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Physician Job Interview Secrets

Some might think that a physician job interview is a formality; that once someone has a medical degree, they can have any job they want. Those who work in the medical field know that this is not the case. Just as in any field, there are better jobs and worse jobs and the competition for the best jobs can be fierce. In fact, since medicine tends to attract a motivated and dedicated kind of person, the competition for the best medical jobs can be quite intense. A physician looking for a secret weapon in his or her upcoming medical job interview can start by applying a simple four-step job preparation process, consisting of research, question prediction, answer development and practice.

The research portion of a physician job interview preparation process consists of learning as much as possible about the job before going into the interview. Ideally, you would like to know as much about the target position as you do about your current job, and to know as much about the interviewer as you do your current supervisor or academic advisor. If this is not possible, at the very least know as much as you can about the duties of the position, the requirements and qualifications the interviewer is looking for, the results that the job is expected to obtain, and the personal characteristics that the target company most highly values in their employees. When you have conducted your research, use what you have found to create a list of the top requirements and preferences of the employer, both official and unofficial.

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That list you have created will be your guide to the next two steps of the physician job interview preparation process. First, you will use that list to generate questions that you will be likely to encounter. Secondly, you will use that list to create answers to those questions, answers that paint the picture of yourself as a candidate who has the desired experiences, qualifications, attributes and history of results. A smart way to do this is to imagine that you asserted that you had these elements. How would you back that assertion up with proof from your job, personal and academic history? What examples would you give of your past job performance? What stories would you tell? These are the miniature narratives and examples that turn boring, informational answers into vivid and convincing interview responses.

The last step of the physician job interview process is practicing these answers. By working with a friend or interview partner, you can answer the predicted questions with your developed answers until that process becomes natural and organic for yourself. If you record your answers, that's even better. By going over them, you can get a sense of where you need to focus your efforts. If necessary, you can even repeat the process again, and do research and answer development until you get the answers both effective and accurate every time.

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