Killer Tips on How to Shine During a Job Interview

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Killer Tips on How to Shine During a Job Interview

One of the biggest failings of the educational system is that every year millions graduate from college knowing how to read spreadsheets, perform scientific experiments and write essays, but not how to job interview effectively. Though this is the kind of information that a motivated job interviewer can rapidly pick up, many of these job seekers have to undergo some embarrassment and frustration before they finally get it right. In the interests of furthering the educational level of job seekers, here is a quick and dirty approach to performing well on any job interview that you have scheduled.

The secret of how to job interview is quite simply the secret of knowing how to find out what the interviewer is looking for and how to make yourself look like you are that thing. If you approach job interviews this way, you won't get hung up on any kind of tricks, special ways to answer questions or worrying about what your interview outfit looks like. The fact is clear. If you can make yourself look like what the job interviewer is looking for convincingly enough you get the job. The way you find out what the interviewer is looking for is research. Read any published pieces you can about the company, the position and the industry. Talk to any people you can find about the job and learn as much as you can about it. At the very least learn what the job physically does all day, what results the job is supposed to achieve and what attributes or characteristics the target company really values. Those things are the very definition of what the interviewer is looking for.

How to Job Interview Better Every Time

If you know what the interviewer wants, then your answer to how to job interview well is to convincingly make yourself look like that. This does not mean to make up lies about yourself. It just means looking at the desired characteristics and thinking of ways to persuade someone that you match that characteristic. If you had to give an example that would prove that you met some standard of experience, what story would you tell? If someone asked you to describe how well you achieved a certain result in your career, what anecdote would you tell? Those are the kinds of answers that will get you the job.

When you know how to job interview better, you will want to test your new skills with mock interviews. Put on your interview outfit, sit down at a desk and have a friend or job search partner ask you the questions that you have developed, in addition to others that he or she makes up as you go. If you can, video record or tape-record these practice sessions. Note which areas make you pause, hesitate or give simple answers instead of full thoughts and examples. Those are the areas where you want to focus more of your energy as you continue to prepare and practice.

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