Killer Questions to Ask During a Job Interview

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Killer Questions to Ask During a Job Interview

Knowing what questions to ask in a job interview is sometimes just as important as knowing how to answer questions during a job interview. For many employers, the ability to process information, decide what information is needed to make a decision and then get that information is an important ability to screen for. These employers typically appreciate an interviewer who does not react passively to the interview, but rather takes an active role in engaging the interviewer with questions. If you encounter an interviewer like this, it's a good idea to have some kinds of questions prepared in your mind.

One variety of questions to ask in a job interview is questions that ask the interviewer for his personal experience or opinion about the selling points of the company. For instance, you might say "what factors attracted you to the company?" or "In your experience, what makes this company a great place to build a career?" These questions flatter the interviewer, get him or her talking about himself or herself and can provide a more personal insight on the company and its values. Another variety of question is to ask something about the challenges of the job. Asking a question like "in your opinion, what is the biggest adjustment that someone coming from another company would have to make when they start working here?" could possibly give some good clues about the position, and also provide you with future ammunition for declaring that you can do the job with a minimum of adjustment.

Questions to Ask in Job Interview Concerns

The most obvious kind of questions to ask in a job interview is the questions that you truly want to know the answer to. If you need a piece of information to know if a job is for you, by all means go ahead and ask it, unless it falls in one of three categories of inappropriate job interview questions. The first kind of question not to ask is anything that could be easily found out by doing basic research on the company and the job. Imagine the impression you would make if you went into a job interview and asked the interviewer what business the company was in, or the title of the job you were interviewing for to get a sense of why you should avoid this kind of question.

The second types of forbidden questions to ask in job interview are questions about money. Don't ask how much the job pays, how much you can make in bonus, how much the interviewer makes. There is a time and a place to discuss salary, and the interview is not it. For starters, you will use what you learn from this interview to do research to determine what the industry standard pay rate is for that level of responsibility. The longer you focus on making the company want you without discussing how much you will cost, the more leverage you will have when they decide to make the hire.

Questions to ask during a job interview

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