Job Interview Thank You Secrets

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Job Interview Thank You Secrets

The job interview thank you remains one of the least utilized weapon in the arsenal that a job seeker uses in his or her fight to get that dream job. For many interviewers, the job interview thank you letter is a simple note or communication that does not receive much attention. The candidate comes home from the interview, goes to the computer, cuts and pastes a thank you letter and sends it without much change or thought. Unfortunately, those candidates who do this miss a prime opportunity to advance their candidacy. Written correctly, a job interview thank you has the ability to set you apart from the crowd, to create a warmer relationship with the interviewer, highlight some attractive characteristics about yourself and make the interviewer look forward to your next communication.

The difference between the ineffective job interview thank you and the effective one is the addition of the simple concept of the informational gift. The informational gift is a small tidbit of information, advice or knowledge that the interviewer can use or appreciate. This does not have to be a big, world-changing piece of information either. Something like the name of a restaurant, a link to a website or a contact person would make a very acceptable informational gift under the right circumstances. The way to pick the informational gift is to pay close attention to the interviewer during your interview. During your talk he or she is likely to do or say something that will reveal an area in which he or she is extremely interested. Once you know what that area is, you simply find some piece of knowledge about that to include in your thank you note.

Your Job Interview Thank you Strategy

Writing your job interview thank you with an informational gift means taking that same thank you note that you have always sent, and simply adding two elements. The first element is an explanation of the reason you are sending the informational gift. This puts the gift into context and reminds him or her of the part of the interview that tipped you off of his or her interests. For instance, you could say something like "During our interview, I appreciated hearing about your company's new virtual reality design studio. That reminded me of an article I read about a similar studio at another company, and how they have found a way to use it in new and unexpected ways. I've attached that article and I hope that you find it as interesting as I do."

Other elements to make sure that you include in your job interview thank you are to express appreciation for the interview, to express continued interest in the position, to make a final sales pitch, and to invite further conversation. A sample job interview thank you would go something like this "thanks for your time and attention last Friday. I appreciate the chance to learn more about the company and the opening. The more I heard the more I felt that this is exactly the opening I have been looking for. I was particularly excited to hear about the chance to work with the technical team. Coming from that environment, I have been looking for a way to use my technical expertise in combination with my salesmanship skills. Pleas feel free to give me a call and set up an interview at your convenience."

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