Job Interview Question and Answers Secrets

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Job Interview Question and Answers Secrets

Knowing how to best handle job interview question and answers is a skill that comes with experience and time. Once someone has been through the job search and interview process a few times, he or she gets a fairly clear idea of what is expected and what works the best. Unfortunately, for many of the best kinds of employees, job interviews occur so infrequently that these employees might have difficulty getting the experience they need to really shine. For these candidates, a bit of coaching in job interview questions and answers can be very useful.

The first thing that someone needs to know about job interview questions and answers is that with the proper preparation, no question that the interviewer asks should be completely unexpected. In a similar manner, if a candidate is able to anticipate the question, and to guess what the interviewer is looking for, then he or she should be able to prepare for job interview questions with the kind of answers that the interviewer is hoping to receive. Both of these areas become much more predictable with the application of research and investigation of the company and the position. Through reading published information, surfing the internet and talking to people who have personal experience in the company, you can find out what duties the job carries out, the results the job expects and the attributes the corporate culture most values.

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Job interview questions and answers strategy is as simple as anticipating what interviewer will ask and creating effective answers ahead of time that provide that. Both of these efforts are made possible by the research that reveals a job's duties, results and desired characteristics. Those desired elements would be what the interviewer uses as a guide for the questions that he or she asks you. He or she will ask you the questions that reveal whether or not you meet those attributes or not. In a similar fashion, these requirements should guide your answers. The way that you respond to these questions should assure and convince the interviewer that you do meet these needs.

This does not mean that your job interview questions and answers strategy should be to lie, however. What it means is that you look over your existing experience with the idea of how to best make it convey the desired impression. This might mean that you emphasize some aspects, and deemphasize others. It means that you might have to think a little bit harder to come up with examples of behavior you know the interviewer really values. When possible, you want to be able to bring quick examples of when you displayed the desired attributes, performed the desired duties and obtained the desired results. These examples speak far more vividly and eloquently of your performance than a simple yes or no or informational answer. The more similar to the target job you can make your experience sound, the better too. That makes the stories you tell sound even more relevant to the interviewer.

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