Job Interview Presentation Secrets

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Job Interview Presentation Secrets

The big secret to job interview presentation is that there is no secret. True personal information, presented in a clear, strategic, logical, complete, vivid manner will win the day every time. Trying to create some sort of presentational shortcut for not having the right answer won't get a candidate anyplace. Rarely does a hiring manager discuss a candidate with co-workers by saying "No experience, no qualifications, no idea of what we do here. But you should have seen his presentation! He's hired." Naturally, however, this raises the question of what the right information is.

A job interview presentation should explain and convincingly demonstrate why you are the best choice for the position. It should accomplish this by logically and vividly relating the existing experience of your life to the requirements of the position. Namely, a well-presented job interview takes questions which seek to elicit information about your qualifications and turns them into answers which not only express your qualifications, but demonstrate how you have used those qualifications in the past to achieve the results the target company wants. This is no easy task, and like every other act of skill, it requires preparation and practice.

The Secret Path to Job Interview Preparation

The secret weapon to job interview presentation is research and investigation into the target job. When you know enough about the job to know what the ideal worker looks like, you can create a job interview answer set that makes you look like that ideal worker. Though the more you know the better, a good start for putting together the ideal worker profile is to begin by learning the jobs duties, the results that the target position is expected to achieve and what characteristics the corporate culture values at the target company. Creating a list of these valued attributes not only gives you the source for most of the questions you will receive, but also a template for the answers you will want to give.

The trick of a job interview preparation is turning your existing body of experience, history, skills, and qualifications into a set of answers which create the impression of the ideal worker. If you have been working or training for the target job, that should be much more easily accomplished than if you are changing careers or taking up a new field. In that case, you need create a logical and persuasive way to say that your experience is actually similar in important ways to the experiences of the target position.

Another trick of the job interview preparation is to give answers that are more complete and vivid and persuasive than mere information. A great strategy is to turn the interview questions into opportunities to supplement your informational answer with a quick example which dramatizes the key element that you are being asked about. These sorts of stories, especially if told in a way that mirrors the reality of the target job, help the interviewer to visualize your success in the target job.

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