Job Interview Clothes Secrets

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Job Interview Clothes Secrets

Picking out your job interview clothes is a job preparation task with a limited amount of usefulness. Basically, you should spend just as much time as you need to get your job interview clothes up to the level of "appropriate" then stop. That's because there is no really compelling reason to move past that level. After all, a job interview outfit that the interviewer finds inappropriate might well prevent a job interview from turning into a hire. But even a job interview suit which is "impressive" or "amazing" isn't likely to sway an interviewer from making you an offer he or she wouldn't anyway. Consequently, as a job interview candidate, your primary question should be what is appropriate for the target company.

Fortunately, for most companies the job interview clothes standard is well established and predictable. Most companies expect to see their interview candidates come in wearing the kind of clothes called business professional. These clothes are what everyone in professional jobs used to wear all the time, before casual Fridays and business casual days started encroaching on the workplace. For men, this look includes a dark suit and tie or a sports coat, slacks and tie. For women, this look requires a suit jacket and skirt combination or a pantsuit. Just as important as what the business professional look contains is what it does not contain. In a phrase, the business professional look seeks to downplay personal appearance and individuality in order that the personality and professionalism of the person is showcased.

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As a general rule, job interview clothes should not attract undue attention onto themselves. For instance, solid colors are better than patterns, light colors better than bright colors. Flashy jewelry, extremely stylish cuts, a lot of makeup and strong colognes and scents are to be avoided. So, too, is any indication of sloppiness or poor grooming. The suits and ties and shirts should be spotlessly clean and pressed and well maintained. Even more important than impressing someone with how good you look in your interview outfit, you should be concerned with avoiding turning anyone off for any reason. Later, when you are hired and proven yourself, you can start to be more individualistic in your appearance, but for your interview you should try to look like you understand and accept the corporate culture.

One area where job interview clothes are different is in the creative field. If you showed up in a creative, individualistic workplace like a fashion designer, you would want to look like someone who belonged in that environment instead of in an investment bank. Consequently, you would wear job interview clothes that more reflect the realities of that workplace. If you are in any doubt about what to wear, do some research. Either ask someone setting you up for the interview, or spend a little time learning what you can about the target company to get a sense of what people expect in the workplace. Lastly, remember that if you choose wrongly, to hold your head up and act with confidence. If you act like you belong someplace, people have a tendency to believe you.

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