Internal Job Interview Secrets

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Internal Job Interview Secrets

If you have an internal job interview scheduled, congratulations. That means that your hard work and success within the company is being noticed and that you are being given opportunities to move up within the organization. You can have the confidence that the employer really wants you to succeed in your interview, and would prefer to give you the job than someone from the outside. For one thing, as someone who already works for the company, you are a proven commodity. You have already demonstrated your performance, your loyalty and your ability. They would much rather hire you than take a chance on some stranger from outside.

For another thing, hiring you after an internal job interview helps morale inside the company. By hiring internally, they send a message to the whole workforce that performance is rewarded with promotion. Also, by hiring you, they keep your loyalty. By contrast, deciding to hire another person from outside over you could have the opposite effect. If you feel that you deserved that position, but were unfairly passed over, you could begin looking for another position elsewhere, and the company does not want that to happen. The last benefit that you have is an inside knowledge of the company and position. Still, even with all the advantages that you have going into the interview, you still need to perform. Nobody is going to hand you the job. You have to prove that you are the best candidate for the job.

Your Internal Job Interview Secrets Strategy

Your internal job interview preparation strategy will take four steps. First, you will compile all that you know about the target job; the duties, the management, requirements, the desired results, examples of successful and unsuccessful jobholders. This should be particularly easy for you since you work at the company already. When you have collected your research, you will use that information to create a template or profile of the ideal employee. Second, you will predict what questions the interviewer would ask to determine if you fit that profile. Third, you will develop answers that make you look like that ideal employee. This does not mean that you will lie or make anything up, but rather that you will apply your existing experiences to the desired profile and make them match up.

Practice delivering your internal job interview answers in a way that includes an example or anecdote that illustrates your attributes or experience. These kinds of examples, results and stories are how boring, informational answers are turned into vivid and memorable responses. Remember that you have an extreme advantage of knowing what the interviewer values the most. Be sure that the stories you tell are the ones that most relevantly speak to the ideal characteristics or attributes of the target job. Videotaping your practice sessions is a good way of making sure that you can consistently answer these questions in this way. After your internal job interview, do not take your hiring for granted. Act like any other job candidate and send a thank you note.

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