How To Use Thank You Letters After a Job Interview

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

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How To Use Thank You Letters After a Job Interview

If you are truly interested in making every element of your job interview stand you, you don't want to send thank you letters after a job interview just like everyone else's. If most candidates send thank you letters that do just the minimum, you want to send out letters that do the maximum. What's more, you want for these letters to highlight the most attractive elements of your candidacy and help you to create a closer relationship with the interviewer. Many of these goals can be accomplished through the use of a thank you letter addition called the informational gift.

The informational gift that you put into thank you letters after a job interview is nothing more than a piece of information which you believe the interviewer will appreciate. This information does not have to be complicated, elaborate or obscure either. A link to a website, a published article, list or a contact number might only take a couple of minutes to find, but would be the perfect addition to make to a thank you letter. What matters is that it somehow relates to the interests of that interviewer, as judged by your conversation with him or her in the interview. During this talk, you should keep your eyes open for any kinds of interests or passions for topics that are evident in his or her conversation, question or office décor. After the interview, make a note of what you thought the interviewer was interested in for use later.

More Thank You Letters After a Job Interview Strategy

As you write your thank you letters after a job interview, you don't want to lead with the informational gift. Instead you want to write the basic, simple thank you note. This note begins with an expression of gratitude for the interview, progresses to an expression of continued interest in the job and ends with an invitation to future conversation as the hiring process continues. For instance, the letter might read like this: "Thank you for your time on Friday. The more I learned about the company and the opportunity the more excited I am about the opening. Please feel free to give me a call to set up another interview or conversation as the hiring process moves forward."

After this basic thank you letters after a job interview, add the informational gift and an explanation for why you have attached it, like so: "During our talk, you mentioned that your company was experimenting with a new online marketing strategy. That reminded me of an article I'd recently read about how another company used a similar strategy to break into a new market. I've attached a link to that article and I hope you enjoy it." This informational gift shows that you pay attention to others, that you provide things they want without being told to, and that you are different from the many other job candidates who simply wrote the standard thank you letter. Additionally, it makes the job interviewer believe that communications coming from you are likely to contain useful or interesting information, so are worth paying attention to.

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