How to Ace a Job Interview--Every Time

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

How to Ace a Job Interview--Every Time

Want to ace a job interview? Look at your hand. Follow this five-step plan, one step for each of your fingers, and you should be able to walk out of any job interview you take with confidence that you performed as well as anyone could hope to perform on that interview. Step one, the forefinger, is research. Hold up that forefinger. You are making the sign for "number one" That's because research is the first step and the most important step. When people walk out of interviews feeling like they have not adequately presented themselves to the interviewer, the root cause of their failure can generally be blamed on not enough information about the job and company during preparation for the interview. How much interview is necessary? Let's just say that your goal should be to know as much about the target job as you know about your current job. If that isn't possible, at least learn about the target job's duties, desired results and the characteristics most valued by the target corporate culture.

Moving on to step two in your how to ace a job interview strategy, the middle finger. This is to create a list of all the elements that the company is looking for in the hire they make for the target position, including experience, qualifications, characteristics, results achieved, etc… Basically, create a list that would function as a checklist for the target company to describe their ideal hire for the job. The goal of this process is to make you look like that in the job interview. The third step, the ring finger, is to turn those desired attributes into positive questions. If the company is looking for a particular set of attributes, and you know what those attributes are, you should be able to guess how they will go about getting an idea whether you possess those attributes.

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The fourth step of how to ace a job interview, the pinky finger step, is to create answers to the questions you just created that make you look like the checklist of the perfect hire. This does not mean that you make up information, however. What it means is that you apply the experience and history and accomplishments of your life and use those as points of proof that you have all the desired characteristics. Turn all your answers into examples if you can, examples that have situations, actions and results as similar to the target company's reality as possible. Ideally, your answers would make you sound like you were achieving the desired results in an environment identical to the target environment.

The fifth step in how to ace a job interview is practice, the thumb step. Get a friend to ask you the questions you made using the answers you developed. Record it and play it back to see how you sound. If you have to, repeat the whole process until you are comfortable, persuasive and complete with every answer you give. Now take that thumb and stick it up all by itself. Now you look like Fonzi, because you are so cool, confident and ready to ace the interview.

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