Great Job Interview Practice Tips

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

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Great Job Interview Practice Tips

Job interview practice, conducted correctly, can give you the skills and confidence you need to really shine in your job interview. After all, like anything else job interview practice makes job interview perfect. Before you can get the full benefit of job interview practice, however, you must first do the preparation work to make sure your practice is as close to the real interview as possible. The first question to address is whether you are going to practice for a particular job interview, or for a series of interviews? The more specific you make your focus and practice, the better you can create an accurate simulation of the practice, but it is definitely possible to create a generalized practice that gets you ready for many different interviews.

When you get your focus narrowed to a company, job or field, you should do as much research as possible on that company, job or field. This research, conducted through both personal interviews and reading published material should focus on the likely requirements and preferences the company desires to see in whoever gets the job. Some of this information is likely to be found in documents like the job description and want ad, some of it is likely to be told to you by people familiar with the company and you might have to deduce more of it from analyzing the responsibilities and duties of the job. When you have a clear and full idea of these factors, particularly, the results that the interview is most looking for, you can create a list of the company's most wanted elements.

Creating Your Job Interview Practice Guide

Make a job interview practice guide by writing a list of the qualifications, skills, attributes and results that the target job or company wants. You can use this list to create a roster of likely job interview questions. Get the help of a friend or job search partner and attempt to recreate the experience of the job interview as accurately as possible. Wear your interview outfit, sit at a desk and try to forget that you know the interviewer socially. If possible video or tape-record the interview so that you can evaluate your responses later.

As you look at your job interview practice later, pay attention to two main areas. Where do you hesitate and have trouble articulating your qualifications? Those are some areas to spend time thinking your answers through on. Also, which questions do you simply provide some information, or even worse, a simple yes or no answer? For those questions, think about your experience and try to come up with a relevant example, anecdote or story from your employment history to make your answer more vivid. The more similar you can shape your story to the realities of the job that your interview turned up, the more effective your answer will be. Specifically, try to match up the situation of the story, the actions that you took and the results you achieved to those same elements in the target job or company.

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