Give Yourself the Edge: What to Wear for a Job Interview

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

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Give Yourself the Edge: What to Wear for a Job Interview

Knowing what to wear for a job interview gives you several advantages when you walk in for your meeting. After all, your interview clothes are the first things that the interviewer notices about you during this session that is dedicated to evaluating your fitness for the position. Your interview clothes help that interviewer answer some important questions that he or she has about you. By picking and choosing your interview clothes effectively, you can make sure that he or she is able to answer them in a way that gets you the job.

Correctly choosing what to wear for a job interview reassures the interviewer on some key points. First, it lets the interviewer know that you understand the corporate culture, and are willing to fit into it. Showing up in clothes that stand out as being significantly different from the expected norm of business professional wear would send out two disturbing signals to the interviewer. It would mean that either you hadn't worked in a business professional environment before, or that you had and were rebelling against it sartorially for some strange reason. Both of those signals hint that you may not be completely suited for the job.

More What to Wear for Job Interview Considerations

Knowing what to wear for job interview is as much a process of knowing what NOT to wear as knowing what to wear. As a general rule, as a candidate applying for a position, especially one that is a bit of a reach considering your experience and qualifications, your first objective should be to avoid wearing anything that could make you stand out either one way or the other. That might sound superficial and cowardly, but your first goal of the interview is to not offend or turn off anyone in any way. With multiple qualified people vying for every single position, interviewers are looking for reasons to eliminate candidates. An item of clothing that looks out of place or odd, presents an opportunity for someone to say that a candidate didn't "look professional enough" as a way of eliminating them.

With all these considerations in mind, the best bet for what to wear for job interview is to wear more or less what everyone else in the company wears to work. In most companies that means business professional wear. Suits, ties, solid white or pastel shirts, dress shoes for men. Pant suits, skirt-jacket combination, and professional accessories for women. In both sexes, it's a safe bet to tone down the accessories, makeup and scents for the job interview. In addition to fitting into the environment as well as possible, your choice of what to wear to the job interview should let your appearance take a back seat to your personality and interview responses. For more creative positions, such as those in fashion and advertising, the specific clothing options might be different, but the principles remain. These fields dress more informally and stylishly, but you should still do your best to look like you already work at the company.

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