Frequently Asked Job Interview Questions

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Frequently Asked Job Interview Questions

Some frequently asked job interview questions include questions that probe your experience, job history, your career aspirations, your achieved results and your personal characteristics. One way to learn how to best answer these common questions would be to look at a list of them and formulate an answer for every question on that list. The other way would be to create a standard, effective way that you would answer all the questions that came your way. Using this strategy, you would be able to handle not only the frequently asked questions but also the less common questions that your interviewer might choose to ask you.

Questions that probe your history include "Could you tell me about your experience working in the area of legal research?" and "How many years have you been working in the networking area?" Alternatively, these questions could ask you describe specific tasks and duties you have accomplished, like "Could you tell me about a typical day for you, in terms of how you allocate your time on your various functions?" Questions about your job history might include "why did you leave that position?" or "Tell me more about your reasons for going to work in that area?" Questions about your career aspirations might include: "Where do you see your career in the next five years?" or "What is your long term goal in this career?"

More Frequently Asked Job Interview Questions

Other frequently asked job interview questions include questions about your achieved results. For instance you might be asked to list your sales figures, or how many times you accomplished a particular task at your former job. Questions about personal characteristics might include "what are your strengths and weaknesses?" or "what would your friends and coworkers say about your personality?" Answering these common questions is much easier to do when you can create a framework to make sure the you answer them in the way that is most likely to get you the job offer. The surest way to do that is to answer them in a way that matches up to the company's spoken and unspoken preferences for the position.

Answering the frequently asked job interview questions in this manner means that you will first have to learn what the company wants in that position. This might require you to do some research and investigation into the company, both of written material and personal interviews with people familiar with the company and field. When you have done this information, you should be able to make a list of all the top attributes, characteristics, experiences and qualifications that the company is looking for. Answer these common interview questions in a way that makes you look like what the company is looking for. This does not mean that you should lie, however, but rather that you should simply shape the details of your response and choose the examples you give to support your response in a way that will serve your interests best.

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