Four Amazing Tips to Get Through a Job Interview

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Four Amazing Tips to Get Through a Job Interview

The four best steps to get through a job interview are Research, Predict, Develop and Practice. Research means research the company and the job. If you are already working, imagine that you had to apply and interview for your current job tomorrow. During that interview, imagine how easy it would be for you to make the case that you could do your job. After all, you know just what to say, what results to talk about achieving, what attributes to display, what experience to highlight. If you interviewed with your current supervisor, you would even know his or her personality quirks and preferences that would guide your interview. The point of researching before a job interview is to get as close to that kind of knowledge about the target job, company, industry and environment.

Of all the tips to get through a job interview, research is the most important, as the information you get about the company should inform everything you do for the second, third and fourth step. At the very least, learn about the target job's duties, the environment that you will perform the duties, and the results that you are expected to achieve. When you are finished with your research, write a summary list of all the requirements, preferences, duties and results that the target company is looking for. This list is your guide to the second tip, predict questions. Looking at the elements the interviewer is looking for should give you a very clear notion of what questions you will be asked; namely, the questions which reveal those attributes.

Final Tips to Get Through a Job Interview

The last tips to get through a job interview are to develop answers and practice them. Develop answers that use your personal and professional history to provide proof of how well you match the profile of the ideal candidate. To do this, find a way to make small stories, narratives and examples for each of the possible questions that you might be asked. For instance, if you are asked if you have the ability to handle details with precision, tell a story about the most detailed, precise task that you ever handled on either the job or in your personal life. These stories will be more effective if they contain a situation, action and result that is similar in some way to the target job's environment, expected action and desired result. Ideally, your story will let the interviewer imagine you performing the kind of duties you are expected to perform on the target job.

And finally, practice. Get together with someone who can ask you the questions you have developed, along with surprise questions that he or she comes up with for you. If possible, videotape the session so that you can analyze and work on your unnatural, unconvincing or awkward responses. If you feel that some areas are particularly weak, you might need to go back through the process from the very beginning in that particular subject until you get your answer right.

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