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Many people feel that once they make it through an interview they are done with the interview process. This is completely false; you need to follow-up after the interview. By following-up you show the employer that you are well-mannered, focused, enthusiastic, detail-oriented, have the ability to follow through, and that you have good work ethics. Follow-ups will give you a competitive edge and show the employer how interested you are in the position.

It is important to remember that you are not the only qualified applicant. Your actions are being evaluated from the second you contact a company for an appointment/interview. Employers also evaluate a variety of factors during the interview process. You may have done everything perfect, but if your follow-up strategy is not up-to-par you could lose the position. Your follow-up techniques will be scrutinized, therefore you should plan well. The best way to follow-up is with a letter or thank you note.

Thank You Notes & Follow-Up Letters

Any written correspondence needs to be perfect! Your writing skills will be examined to determine your grammar skills, spelling skills, the level of your writing ability and your ability to write convincing copy. The content of the letter will also be analyzed. The employer will look to see if you touch on the subjects that were discussed in the interview. In addition, you need to convince the employer that you have the skills and the qualifications needed for the position you applied for.

Follow-Up Tips for Letters and Thank You Notes
  1. Remember and/or write down your interviewer’s name because you will need to use it when writing your follow-up letter or thank you note. Some large companies have a team of interviewers; if this is the case you will need all of their names. They best way to impress is to write a separate letter for each interviewer.
  2. Send your letter or Thank You note ASAP! It should be sent the same day if possible. Remember, everything is looked at and the employer will notice the date of your letter (meaning the date stamped on the envelope).
  3. You can email a follow-up letter if you have the email address of the interviewer(s)-do not email to a random company email address.
  4. Always express your appreciation for the interview and the employer’s time.
  5. Clearly explain the level of your interest for the open position.
  6. Summarize your skills, qualifications, your educational background, and any other job training that relates to the position.
  7. Offer any information you forgot to mention in the interview.
  8. Thank them again.
  9. Provide complete contact information-Email Address(es), Cell Phone, Home Phone, Fax etc.

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