Federal Job Interview Secrets

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

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Federal Job Interview Secrets

The three things that differentiate a federal job interview from job interviews in the private sector are tests, rules and scores. As a general rule federal job interview processes are highly regulated, designed to be free of bias and conducted in a way that results in a quantifiable score used to evaluate the candidate. Because of these three factors, government job interviews are easier than most to prepare for, since several study guides offer accurate information about the different steps. However, the bureaucracy involved in getting hired may make the process of getting a job extremely long and frustrating.

The hiring process of the federal job interview has been developed in response to this country's history and ideals. Historically speaking, the government jobs of the United States were typically offered as a part of political patronage. In other words, when someone was elected to office, they got rid of all their predecessor's employees in the various branches of government and replaced them with his own people. For this reason, political power and loyalty was more of a factor in getting a hire than competency or ability. This system had several problems. First, it meant that competency could not be developed in the government's civil service, due to the constant turnover. Second, it also encouraged a sort of politicization of how services were provided. Third, it locked out qualified citizens from government jobs.

The Federal Job Interview System

As these politically driven hiring practices were abolished, they were replaced with the federal job interview process that exists today. This system is designed to be as free of bias as possible, and to ensure that no other factors but experience and ability are used to evaluate the candidates. The way that the federal job interview system does this is by standardizing and quantifying every step. To apply for a government job of any sort, chances are you will take some sort of standardized test first. The top percentages of test scorers will be invited to take the next level of interviews. The interviews themselves are standardized. Typically interviewers have questions already written out and are given criteria for evaluating the answers. These criteria create a numeric score that is then used to evaluate how the interview went. Last, job experience and qualifications are converted to numeric scores as well.

Because the federal job interview process is so standardized, publishers have created guides that inform job seekers how to prepare for the tests, interviews and evaluations. If you are interested in pursuing a career in the civil service, these study guys are essential tools for guaranteeing your best score. Be aware, though. Because of the popularity of government jobs, there are more interview candidates than openings. Additionally, the rules and regulations of hiring for federal jobs slow down the process greatly. For that reason, even if you are completely qualified and do well in your interview it could take some time before you are asked to come work for the job.

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