Excellent Job Interview Clothing Tips

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Excellent Job Interview Clothing Tips

For 95 percent of your job interview clothing decisions, you can't go wrong following the style of dress known as "business professional." This is the kind of clothing that people were in most professional organizations; the kind that people mean by saying that they get "dressed up" for work. For men, this style of dress requires a suit and tie, along with dress shoes. For women, this style of dress consists of a jacket and skirt combo, or a formal pantsuit outfit. Luckily for the jobseeker, putting these outfits together is simple. Every salesperson at a department store knows exactly what to recommend if you come in looking for a job interview outfit, and plenty of books and publications are glad to steer you towards the perfect interview suit.

As you pick out your job interview clothing and get ready for your interview, remember that what you DON'T wear to your job interview is just as important as what you do wear. For the job interview clothing choices that you make, the purpose of the outfit you wear is to be as standard, as unobtrusive, and as conventional as possible in relation to the people already working at that office. Clothing choices that you make which cause you to stand out, either in a good or bad way, should be avoided. What this means is that the color, accessory and grooming choices that you make should consistently err on the side of conventionality and subtlety instead of individuality and style. For instance, men's shirts should be a solid color or subtle stripe, as opposed to patterned or bright. Jewelry should be avoided, except for wedding or class rings, and your hairstyle and facial hair should be as conventional as possible.

Women's Job Interview Clothing Tips

For women, job interview clothing considerations are similar. Women can obviously wear more jewelry than men, but the less and less flashy they wear the better it is for the interview. Hairstyles should be simple and classic, makeup should be minimized and perfume should be as light and unnoticeable as possible. Though these guidelines might seem to be counterintuitive to the guideline of showing off your true personality to prospective employers, what these rules do is give your personality a chance to be on center stage in the interview, and not overshadowed by your clothing choices.

Additionally, these job interview clothing guidelines give you the advantage of not offending anyone in the office. As a candidate, half of your battle will be in not giving anyone a reason not to like you. Showing up in the office looking like someone who already understands, accepts and is willing to fit into the corporate culture goes a long way towards preventing any snap judgments from being made against you. After you have been hired, and have proven your worth and professionalism, you might find a way to display your individuality and personal style a bit more overtly in your appearance. For your job interview, those considerations should be put aside in favor of doing what will be the most likely to get you the offer and the job.

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