Creating an Effective Job Objective

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What is a Job Objective?

Your job objective is the first thing potential employers will see, so it should be done right. The job objective is a brief introduction to your resume and it establishes your employment goal. It needs to be specific enough to identify the types of jobs you have the right skills and/or qualifications for. A job objective should also include the type of job(s) you would like to have.

Your job objective will create the direction your entire resume needs to go in. Once you decide your job objective you will know what you need to include in the professional experience, qualification/skills, education, and training sections. You will tailor each of theses sections to match the qualifications needed for the job objective you listed.

Writing Your Job Objective

Try to avoid using job titles as your job objective. Some job titles are pretty broad and can involve many different tasks. Remember, you want to be specific. For example, “To manage employees, communicate with clients, and work in the web design field”. These skills are specific, but could be appropriate for many different jobs. The job objective should appeal to the employer’s needs, not the applicant’s needs. With specific job objectives, job seekers can show employers the skills they have to offer. These skills, or objectives, may match a variety of jobs. In fact, you may even get a call about a job that has more responsibility than you initially intended. Keep this in mind when writing your job objective. Your job objective can establish your professional identity.

Employers are looking for people that can meet their needs, so write the job objective in a way that will appeal to the employer. For example, “Assistant Management in bookkeeping where 12 years of experience will add to the functionality of the department’s operations.”

Long or Short Job Objectives?

Well, either one is fine; it just depends on the job you are applying for and the number of objectives you need to mention. Some job objectives are long or short lists; some are paragraphs and some have a sentence with bulleted items. If you are not sure which method is best you can find samples of job objectives on the Internet. Review and evaluate the samples and gain some ideas.

Things You Should Not Do
  1. Do not use adjectives, like: “To find a challenging and responsible position where I can use my valuable skills…”
  2. Do not create a boring job objective. If you, or a friend, gets bored reading it, then the employers that read it will be bored.
  3. Do not use job titles.
  4. Do not use colored paper or folded resume brochures.
  5. Do not show a lack of direction in your job objective(s).
  6. Do not use the same job objective for every job you apply for. Job objectives should be modified and tailored to each employer or job opening.

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