Amazing Ways to Improve Your Job Interview Statistics

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Amazing Ways to Improve Your Job Interview Statistics

The number of applicants and candidates that a company considers for each hire differs, the job interview statistics that you should be most concerned with are your own statistics. What percentage of job interviews that you go on result in a second interview? What percentage of second interviews that you go on result in a job offer? Don't feel bad if your success rate isn't 100%. For one thing, that would probably mean that you are applying for jobs that aren't challenging enough for you. But with some work, it's possible for you to get your success rate high enough that you can confidently assume that your job search process can be short, painless and successful.

To improve your job interview statistics, the best course of action is to prepare for the interview by using a four-step process of research, question prediction, answer development and practice. The first step is to learn as much as you can about the target job. At the very minimum, you should look online, in publications and talk to people familiar with the job until you know the following elements: job duties, desired results, and valued characteristics. Once you've gotten a clear sense of these elements, then you compile a list of what you have discovered is most important to the target company in the hire they make. This list will form the basis of your next two steps.

Secrets to Improving Your Job Interview Statistics

The second step to improving your personal job interview statistics is to predict the questions that you will receive. This is accomplished by looking at the list of requirements and preferences for the position. If those are the things that the interviewer is looking for in a candidate, what kind of questions are they likely to ask to find them out? The next stage is developing effective answers for all those questions. The best way to answer these questions is by using your personal experience and history as proof that you possess the attributes and experiences in question. These kinds of answers are not only more interesting than simple yes and no answers, but also provide a vivid and persuasive image of your past success in the interviewer's mind.

To really increase your job interview statistics of success, develop a manner to answer these questions with a situation, action and result that are relevant and attractive to the target company. For the fourth stage of the process, practice giving those answers with a friend or mock interview partner. If you videotape this practice, then your efforts will be even more valuable since you can watch your answers from the interviewer's point of view. If you see an area where you are awkward, incomplete, talk too much or seem unnatural, simply repeat the steps with that area of focus until you get it right. When you are able to address every area of the interview with confidence and effective information, your job interview statistics will improve.

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