Amazing Thank You Notes To Write After a Job Interview

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Amazing Thank You Notes To Write After a Job Interview

The way you write your thank you notes after a job interview can have a great deal of influence on how that interviewer perceives you. For many interviewers, the people they speak to about jobs begin to eventually blur together. So many candidates, so many people looking for their break, so many of the same answers and same old thank you letters and the interviewers begin to get very bored of it all. After all, these candidates are usually failing to remember the one sentence that is more or less constantly running through every person's head all day long "what's in this for me?"

For the interviewer, reading the thank you notes after a job interview, there isn't much to answer that question for him or her. It's all the candidates, talking about how great they will be for the job, how much they appreciate the interview, how excited they are by the opportunity, blah blah blah. Is it any wonder that so many interviewers eventually stop even reading or paying attention to the notes they get? That's why your thank you note after the job interview should be different. Sure, you will say thanks for the job interview, will discuss why you are such a great hire for the position, and ask for another interview but you will add something that the other letters do not. You will add an informational gift that the interviewer will appreciate.

Thank You Notes After a Job Interview Secrets

The informational gift that you add to your thank you notes after a job interview might be something as simple as a list of restaurants, a contact name, a link to a website or an attached article. All that matters is that you send it in response to something that the interviewer said or did which clued you in to an interest in the topic. When you send this informational gift, be sure to let the interviewer know why in a quick line or two, like "I remember that you saw my Pastry Making line in my hobby and said that you're a big fan of chocolate croissants. I've attached a list of some of my favorite French bakeries in town. Hope you get a chance to visit a few."

Adding an informational gift to the thank you notes after a job interview has the effect of demonstrating that you are not completely self-absorbed. It shows that you are able to think about other people's desires and to act in a way to give people what they want before they have to even ask for it. It also creates a small feeling of warmth between you and the interviewer. He or she isn't likely be your best friend for life afterwards, but he or she will certainly feel more inclined to help you than some other candidate. Lastly, the informational gift teaches the interviewer that communications from you are worth opening, reading and paying attention to because they contain something that the interviewer will find useful.

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