Amazing Strategies for Presenting Yourself in a Job Interview

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Amazing Strategies for Presenting Yourself in a Job Interview

The presentation for job interview that you make is just as important to the success of your interview as the information contained in your resume and job history. After all, chances are good that if the company has brought you in for a job interview, that there are other candidates whose job history and resume is equally impressive and extensive. If those factors are equal, the deciding factor that will determine whether or not you get the job is going to be how you present yourself and your qualifications during the interview.

Luckily presentation for job interview is not a mysterious process that only a few lucky souls have mastered. It is a simple four-step process that any candidate can follow to achieve more success than he or she could ever imagine. The first step is the step of research. Simply put, before you go into the job interview, you need to know that target job nearly as intimately as you know your own current job. Do what research you can with published and online sources first, then supplement your research by talking to people who work in that company or field. Often the official version of the job description is significantly different from what truly exists in the workplace. When you have done your research, compile a list or breakdown of the most important factors that the ideal candidate will have; experience, qualifications, achieved results, personal characteristics and everything else that you think of.

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The second step for presentation for job interview is to turn that list of ideal candidate attributes into a series of probably questions you would be asked. The third step is to create and develop effective responses to those questions. As you develop your response, remember that your list of ideal characteristics can be used as a guide to what you should try to portray in the answers. That doesn't mean lying or making information up however. Instead, your goal will be to take your existing experience and history and use the information in it to create proof and examples of why you match the ideal candidate the company is looking for. One great way to do this is to have a set of examples, achievements and stories ready to tell about each of the desired characteristics. If you can shape those stories so as to make the situation, actions and results that you tell about match your employer's reality, that makes you appear even more suited for the job.

The last step of your job interview preparation is the practice step. Getting together with a friend or job search partner to answer the potential questions with the answers you created will make sure that your job interview goes even more smoothly. For even more preparation, videotape or audiotape your responses. Later you can watch how you react to questions. If you have to, do the four steps again until your answers are even more natural and convincing.

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