Amazing Secrets to Job Interview Success

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Amazing Secrets to Job Interview Success

Job interview success can be defined as doing and saying the things in the interview that get you the second interview or job offer. Job interview success can be guaranteed by following this effective four-step job interview preparation process. The first step is Research. The second step is Question Prediction. The third step is Answer Development. The fourth step is Answer Practice. Put together, these four steps allow you to come into the interview with not only a clear idea of what the interviewer is looking for in the ideal candidate but also a proven set of answers which will make you look like just that kind of candidate.

The first step to job interview success is also the most important: Research. It's not possible to learn too much about the target company or job. Just imagine how well you would do in a job interview for your current position with your current supervisor. Because of how well you know the job, the company and the interviewer, you would have a whole set of strategies for success that a stranger coming in would not. Ideally, you would go into a job interview with that kind of knowledge. Since that isn't likely, at the very least you should know the job duties, the desired results, the job environment and the attributes and characteristics that the corporate culture values most. Compiled together, these elements make a profile of the ideal candidate. They also make a guide to predicting the questions that you will be asked. You will be asked the questions which will elicit the information needed to determine if you meet this profile or not.

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Once you've predicted the questions you will receive, the next step is to develop some effective answers. Again, your research pays off. The answers that you want to give are the answers that make it clear that you are indeed a candidate who matches the ideal profile. The best way to do that is to go through your personal and job experience until you find the stories, examples and dramatizations of when you best exemplified the attributes of the ideal candidate. Turn these examples into miniature narratives that you can deliver in response to the likely questions. For extra strength, find a way to match up the situations, actions and results of you narratives to the specific environment and requirements of the job.

Last, ensure job interview success by practicing these answers. In a job interview, it's easy to get nervous and begin either saying too little or too much in job interview answers. By practicing, preferably with a friend and in front of a video camera, you can become more natural and effective at answering questions with narratives. As you evaluate your videotapes, think of which stage of the four stage process you need to work on to get your answer perfect in time for the real interview.

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