Amazing Secrets On What to Wear For a Job Interview

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Amazing Secrets On What to Wear For a Job Interview

Knowing what to wear on a job interview frequently gets blown out of proportion by job seekers. These candidates might spend hours of mental energy obsessing over getting just the right outfit, to wear with the right shoes or a "power tie" that will clinch the job interview for them. Much of this energy is misplaced. Though an inappropriate job interview outfit might very well prevent you from getting a job, a great, or even amazing job interview outfit will not get it for you. Consequently, as you prepare your outfit for the interview, your primary goal should be to look "appropriate" and "adequate." Anything beyond those two adjectives is pretty much overkill.

Knowing what to wear on a job interview can be easily determined by asking or researching what the company expects to see on the interview day. Most of the time this information can be requested from the person who sets up the interview. For most companies, the answer is a code of dress known as "business professional." This way of dressing describes what professionals used to wear everyday, before business casual and other more relaxed norms entered the workplace. Luckily for job seekers, the standards of business professional dress are easily known and more or less unchanging over time. For men, most job interviews require a suit and tie or sport coat, slacks and tie. For women, most jobs expect a skirt and jacket combination or a suit jacket.

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Knowing what to wear on a job interview also requires that you know what not to wear on a job interview. As a general rule, the best way to answer that question is to say don't wear anything that isn't being worn on a regular basis by people who work in that office already. As you go in for your interview, your first goal should be to look like you already belong in the organization. This requires that you don't stand out in any sort of superficial way. In practical terms, this means that job interview outfits should not contain items like flashy jewelry, loud colors, fashion-forward styles or other deviations from the normal business professional code of dress. Though these norms might seem superficial and restrictive, candidates more interested in getting the job they want than changing corporate culture should simply follow them.

The exception to the what to wear on a job interview norm is a job which is in a creative position within a creative industry. Fashion, design, publishing, entertainment, and technology have jobs and environments that relax the business professional dress code someone. If you are applying for one of these jobs, be aware of the different norms and how to dress for these jobs. Showing up for a creative designer job looking like you are an investment-banking candidate is every bit as inappropriate as doing the reverse. Again, feel free to ask whoever sets up the interview what most candidates wear to the interview.

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