Amazing Secrets of What to Say in a Job Interview

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Amazing Secrets of What to Say in a Job Interview

For a true master of getting jobs, knowing what to say in a job interview is a deceptively simple practice. Though it may appear on the surface that this interview subject simply answers the questions that he or she is given, in reality, that simplicity is the result of a great deal of thought, practice and strategy. A masterful job candidate knows that the interviewer is not asking his or her questions out of idle curiosity, without any real preference for what the candidate says. The practiced job candidate knows that the interviewer goes into the interview with a set of preferences, requirements and desires that he or she is looking for in an ideal candidate. The masterful job candidate makes it his or her business to know what those preferences, requirements and desires are and answers the questions in a way that reflects them.

Naturally, the candidate with this level of sophistication did not know what to say at a job interview by simply speaking off the top of his head. He or she did the research necessary to learn what the interviewer considers an ideal candidate. This research required a reading o published material, going online and talking to people about the company and the job. If possible, the candidate even discovered what he or she should about the interviewer. After all, companies don't give interviews, people do. After he or she had accumulated all this information, he or she put it into a list of the elements that the interviewer was most interested in uncovering during the interview.

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This list of elements formed the basis of preparing what to say at a job interview. This list, after all, not only gave a hint regarding what the interviewer was going to ask but also provided several important clues regarding the ideal answers. To prepare for these questions, the master candidate simply compared the desired profile of the ideal candidate to his or her work experience and life history to find ways to make them match up. The candidate wanted to be able to convincingly demonstrate to the interviewer that he or she met the desired profile of the ideal candidate, and provide proof of it through experiences from his or her past.

Knowing what to say in a job interview is just that­­--taking your past experiences and turning them into convincing arguments that you are exactly what the interviewer is looking for. A good trick for doing that is to create miniature anecdotes for the elements and characteristics of the perfect hire that quickly give the situation, the actions you took and the results you achieved. Ideally, you would even be able to make these elements match the corresponding elements in the target job. Once you have developed the basic format for doing that, then the next step is practicing and practicing to deliver it naturally, persuasively and convincingly.

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