Amazing Secrets of Preparing for a Legal Job Interview

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Amazing Secrets of Preparing for a Legal Job Interview

Preparing for a legal job interview is a process halfway between interviewing for a job and interviewing for a legal case. In both cases, the secret to success is advance preparation. A savvy lawyer would never go into court without a thorough immersion in both the facts of the case and the law of the case, combined with a strategy of how he or she would present his or her interpretation of both those elements. In the same manner, a smart job seeker would never go to an interview without a clear understanding of what the interviewer is looking for, a strong sense of how he or she fits that description and a convincing presentation to prove it.

In a legal job interview, the secret weapon is preliminary research. Before even tying to prepare for interview questions, the job seeker should have a clear and complete picture of what the interviewer will be looking for in the person that fills the position. This requires a high degree of research, including both published information and talking to people who are familiar with the company and job. This research should be focused on determining the duties the employee will be responsible for, the requirements that the company is looking for, the results the company expects from the position and the characteristics or attributes that the organization prefers in candidates. All of this information from research can be turned into a list to create a profile of the ideal job candidate. This list also functions as a resource for predicting possible interview questions.

A Legal Job Interview In Action

In a legal job interview, the candidate is the attorney arguing the case that he or she fits the profile of the ideal job candidate. The evidence that he or she uses is the history that he or she has generated through his or her life and work history. Just as some forms of legal argument are more persuasive than others, some forms of presentation of history are more persuasive than other forms. For instance, simply reciting information and achievements is not as convincing as recounting a story or example. For that reason, the candidate should prepare for his or her interview by creating potential responses for any questions inspired by the ideal candidate profile list with short narratives. For maximum effect, these short narratives should include a situation, actions and results that are directly relevant and similar to the reality of the target job.

No legal job interview should be walked into cold, either. Since you have an ideal candidate profile, a list of potential questions and developed answers to these questions, you are ready to do some practicing for the interview. Get together with a friend or job interview partner and conduct a mock interview. If possible, videotape or tape record this mock interview. Listening or looking at how you appear and sound to others will greatly assist your efforts to improve your answers and presentation.

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