Amazing Secret Post-Job Interview Thank You Strategy

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Amazing Secret Post-Job Interview Thank You Strategy

Your Post job interview thank you note can be either one of two things. It can be a simple thank you note or it can be a piece of strategic communication designed to help get you the job. If you want it to be a thank you note, this it will express gratitude to the interviewer for the interview. If you want it to be a strategic communication, it will do that, plus many more tasks, including highlight your most attractive qualities, create a warmer relationship with the interviewer, make a final sales pitch for your candidacy, suggest a future interview and teach the interviewer that communications from you are likely to contain valuable information. Best of all, the strategic communication is not inherently harder to write than a thank you note. Here's a step-by-step guide.

Your post job interview thank you note advantage starts during the job interview. During your conversation, pay as close attention as you can to the subjects, topics or items that the interviewer appears to be interested in. If he or she makes some kind of statement which tips you off that he or she is either personally or professionally intrigued by a topic or subject make a mental note of that. After the interview, be sure to get his or her business card and to turn your mental note into a written note about the object of the interviewer's attentions. That information will come in very handy when you start writing your thank you note.

Your Post Job Interview Thank You Strategy

Your post job interview thank you note will start like most other notes. As a general rule, these note contain an expression of gratitude, an expression of further interest in the position, a final sales pitch for the job, an offer to meet again and a sign off. For instance, a note might read "Thank you for your time on Thursday. I appreciate the chance to learn more about the position. The more I discover about the company and the opportunity, the more interested I am in working for your company. I really feel that I can make a contribution to your technology department, and put the programming experience I have gained at my current job to excellent use for you. Please feel free to give me a call to set up another interview as the hiring process moves forward." The next part is when you begin to differentiate yourself from the pack, though.

You set yourself apart from the rest of the candidates by adding an element to the post job interview note called the informational gift. This is a piece of information that you find about the topic of interest to the interviewer. Preface the gift with an explanation of why you are sending it, reminding the interviewer of what he or she said to tip you off that this topic would be interesting. Whether it is a website address, a contact name and number or a link to a published article, sending this informational gift shows that you paid close attention to the conversation you had and that you are the kind of person who provides other people with what they want without direction. Further, this informational gift shows that any further communications from you are also likely to contain valuable or at least interesting information.

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