Amazing Sample Thank you Letter After Job Interview

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

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Amazing Sample Thank you Letter After Job Interview

A sample thank you letter after job interview gives you a basic template to use as you write your thank you letter. This template gives you the structure and content of the pieces of the thank you letter that are more or less standard across the genre. For instance, there are only so many ways to thank someone for their time, so there is no need for candidates to try to recreate the thank you letter every time on that piece. Other basic, generic pieces of the thank you letter include the expression of further interest and the request for another interview.

A sample thank you letter after job interview that contained these elements would look something like this: "Thank you very much for your time on Wednesday. I appreciated the chance to meet with you and learn more about the opening in your department. The more I learned about the opportunity, the more excited I am about the position and organization. Please feel free to give me a call so that we can set up another conversation or a second interview as the hiring process moves forward." If a thank you letter only contained these elements, then it would be more or less complete and acceptable. It would be boring, stale, generic and uninteresting to the reader, but it would technically demonstrate proper business etiquette and interest in the position. To move beyond merely acceptable, your letter must have some elements that aren't typically found in a sample thank you letter. These are elements that you must improvise, based on the specifics of the opportunity, your background and what happened in the interview.

Beyond the Sample Thank You Letter after Job Interview

The first additional element that goes beyond the sample thank you letter after job interview is the final sales pitch. The final sales pitch is when you summarize why you are the best person for the job, using reasons that the interviewer gave you to. For instance, if the interviewer mentioned how important cold-call sales experience is, your final sales pitch should give your cold-call sales ability as the primary reason to hire you. For example: "I was particularly excited to hear about your interactive marketing focus. This is the field where I have always produced my best results, and look forward to being in an environment which emphasizes that area."

The other element you should include that goes beyond the typical sample thank you letter is the informational gift. This is a small piece of information that you believe the interviewer will appreciate based on your interview. Preface this informational gift with a line explaining why you have included it, such as: "During our conversation, you mentioned that your company was adopting the Six Sigma Quality Control Standards. That reminded me of an article I read about how those standards have helped a wide variety of companies improve their processes. I've attached this article, in case you'd be interested in reading it. There are, however, aspects of the thank you letter that cannot be standardized.

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