Amazing Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Amazing Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

At some point during every interview, you are gong to need to have some questions to ask in a job interview. After all, there will come a point, after the interviewer has grilled you about every aspect of your professional life for fifty-eight minutes solid when he or she will look at the clock and say "Do you have any questions for me?" When he or she does this, you don't want to sit there looking confused and beaten, even if that is how the interview session has left you feeling. Part of the job that you are applying for undoubtedly requires an intelligent and agile mind, so that is what you should display in the interview. Asking good questions does that, while saying "Nope. No questions here" does not.

The questions to ask in a job interview can be about pretty much anything that you have a curiosity about, or that you need to know before you could commit to the job if it were offered to you. Still, there are three areas that you want to avoid if you can. The first area is any question that could be answered with just a little bit of research on your part. Though nobody expects you to go into the job interview as an expert in the company, you should at least have some sort of idea about the industry, the field, the company and the position. Going into an interview and asking questions which cast doubt on your familiarity with the job and your ability to research will not help your case. The second kind of questions you should avoid is questions about money and salary and compensation. These issues are frequently the best-kept secrets of the corporation, and asking about them makes you look uninformed and nave.

More Questions to Ask in Job Interview Concerns

The last kind of forbidden question to ask in job interview includes questions that require the interviewer to criticize current or former members of the team. If you suspect that you are being hired because the rest of the team is incompetent, you can't ask if that's the case. Managers are reluctant to criticize even the most deserving employees in front of a stranger, and will resent being put into an uncomfortable position like that.

So with these three areas of questions to ask in a job interview off limits, what does that leave? Plenty. What technological innovations the company is looking to pursue, about what projects or initiatives the opportunity would be able to get involved in. Also, you can ask the interviewer for his or her personal take on working for the company. For instance, if he or she has worked elsewhere, what brought him or her to the company. If you don't have a burning question, this is a good strategy because it makes the relationship take a more personal turn and gives the interviewer a chance to talk, which most people love.

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