Amazing Job Interview Thank Yous Secrets

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Amazing Job Interview Thank Yous Secrets

Job interview thank yous give job seekers more than just an opportunity to demonstrate appreciation for the chance to interview for the position. If they are used correctly, job interview thank yous can function as a strategic and effective piece of communication in the job seekers job offer getting toolbox. To make your job interview thank you letter as effective as possible, you've got to do a little bit of extra work that will elevate it above the level of the other thank you notes the interviewer might receive. This extra works starts on the day of the interview, when you go into the office. Your job interview thank yous are going to include a piece of information or knowledge relevant to the interviewer's interests, so during your interview, you should pay extra close attention to the interviewer to see what interests him or her. Take notes of those subjects or topics after the interview is over.
As you write your job interview thank yous, look over your notes and try to remember the interview as completely as possible. Pick the subject or topic that the interviewer appeared to be the most intrigued, passionate or excited by. That will be the topic of your "informational gift." Do a little bit of research on the internet or your network to find something that is appropriate. It might be a link to a website, a contact number, or a copy of a publication about the topic. Whatever it is, preface it with an explanation of why you are sending it and refer back to the interview, to remind the interviewer of the reference. For instance, "during our interview, you saw the marathon running line in my hobbies and noted that you were looking to get back into running after an injury. I've attached the website of the running club I joined when I first started training here. Hope it's of use to you."

More Job Interview Thank Yous Strategy

In addition to the informational gift, the job interview thank yous you send should be solid, capable thank you letters. Many samples of these letters can be found online, but as a general rule the most effective letters contain the following elements: An expression of gratitude, an expression of interest, a final sales pitch, and an offer of another meeting.

For instance your job interview thank yous might go something like this: "Thanks so much for your time and information on Friday. The more I learned about the opening at your company, the more convinced I have become that it is a great fit for me. I was especially excited to learn about the need for strong IT troubleshooting experience. That has been the biggest part of my duties here, and I am looking forward to applying those skills in a new, more challenging environment. Please feel free to give me a call at your convenience and set up a second interview so that we can further discuss what I would bring to the position."

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