Amazing Job Interview Thank You Email Strategy

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Amazing Job Interview Thank You Email Strategy

Too many candidates use their job interview thank you email as a simple formality. These candidates come back from their interview and cut and paste the thank you email they have sent out time and time before, doing nothing more than "getting it out of the way: before moving on to the next task on their to do list. Unfortunately for these candidates, they are missing out on a great opportunity to showcase their best characteristics to the interviewer, to form a slightly more personal relationship and to make the interviewer look forward to hearing from the candidate again. Though this may seem like a tall order for a simple email, it is very possible, and not even that difficult to accomplish. The simple addition of an informational gift to the thank you note can accomplish many of these tasks.

An informational gift attached to a job interview thank you email consists of a piece of information or knowledge that the interviewer might find useful or interesting. You pick it out by paying attention to the subjects and topics that the interviewer appears to be the most interested in based on your observations of the interview and conversation that you had with him or her. After the interview, you quickly job down the topics, either personal or professional that the two of you discussed and you believe the interviewer would appreciate some sort of tip or information about. For instance, during the interview, the interviewer could reveal an upcoming trip to a foreign country or companywide technology initiative. Alternatively, he or she could note some item on your resume and make a personal comment on that, suggesting a high level of interest.

Writing your Job Interview Thank You Email

To write your job interview thank you email, simply write the typical job interview thank you email first, then add the information you have found for the interviewer at the end. Preface that with an explanation of why you have sent it, including a bit of a reminder of the circumstances. Many interviewers have candidates coming through their office all day long, and might not remember the details of your conversation. In this setup, do not make a big deal of the information that you are sending in. Simply put it into the context of how you believed that he or she might be interested.

A sample job interview thank you email might go something like this. "Thank you for your time this afternoon. I really appreciated learning more about the opening and the industry. The more I find out about the company and the opportunity, the more interested I become. I look forward to speaking with you again as the hiring process moves forward. During our conversation, you saw the "golf" entry on my resume and expressed a desire to get back into the game again. I've attached the website to my golf club. They've got a great driving range that's open to the public if you ever want to start taking some swings again. Hope to see you there."

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