Amazing Job Interview Strategy Secrets

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Amazing Job Interview Strategy Secrets

Having a strong job interview strategy can make all the difference between a performance that gets a handshake and "thanks for coming in" and a performance that gets a job offer. Though every candidate and job seeker has the right to develop a strategy that works for him or her, a good starting point would be a basic four-part interview strategy. In this strategy, the job interview preparation procedure consists of research, question prediction, answer development and answer practice. The interview preparation research is the first and most important phase of this strategy. Only by gaining a clear and complete picture of what the job requires can you adequately prepare to present that to the interviewer.

Your job interview strategy of research should begin with the goal of learning everything you can about the position. After all, any piece of information--whether it is about the company's current research focus, a critical need the organization has, a personality quirk the interviewer has--can give you guidance for the interview. At the very least, you should find out as much as you can about your daily job duties, the results that the organization expects, the attributes the organization values, the environment of the job and the official requirements of the position. Use the information you have put together to create a list of all the most important elements of the job. This list will function as your guide for the next two steps of the job interview strategy.

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The next phase of your job interview strategy is to predict the questions you will receive. This is where your research first pays off. Since you know what the target company is looking for, you should be able to take a pretty well educated guess about what questions you will hear. The next phase, answer development, is equally dependant on the research you have done. After all, the list of desired attributes represents a profile of their ideal candidate. The best chance of getting the job will come from your ability to answer the questions in a way that makes you look like that list. To do this, take your existing experience from work and personal life and turn it into small narratives that dramatize how well you possess the desired attributes.

The last step of the job interview strategy is to practice giving these answers to the sample questions you have predicted. Get together with a friend or interview partner and answer these questions in front of a video camera. Ideally, you can address each question with information, and then back that up with a relevant story, anecdote, example or achievement from your personal history. Being able to make the elements of the story you tell as similar as possible to the existing elements of the job will make your story even more relevant to the interviewer.

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