Amazing Job Interview Secrets

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Amazing Job Interview Secrets

One secret that is not often shared is the importance of doing your 'homework' or research. For a job offer, you want to research the company and discover exactly what that company needs and wants in their next employee. Specifically, you want to determine the duties of the job, the results the job is expected to produce and the personal characteristics that the company values most.

The second part of the job interview preparation plan is to determine what questions the interviewer will ask you. Just like trying to get a job offer, the secret to this is taking the list of requirements and preferences and using it as a guide to determine what the interviewer would ask to determine if you match that profile. For instance, in the job context, if you learn that the job requires a heavy degree of attention to detail, you can be pretty sure that you will be asked about your experience paying attention to detail. Which brings us to formulating answers to the questions you will encounter.

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Answering job interview questions effectively is a process of answering in a way that matches up with the requirements and preferences you have discovered through research and investigation. But even more than that, answering correctly is a process of answering those questions and then demonstrating your answer based on your job and personal history. That might require bringing an example of what you've accomplished or sharing an experience related to the question.

Other factors to consider during your job interview experience are basic interview protocol and etiquette matters. Be sure to arrive on time, be dressed appropriately and allow the interviewer to initiate and lead the beginning of the session. What's more, you should always be sure to get the interviewer's business card when you leave, and take some time to make a few notes about the most distinctive moments of the interview. You can put those notes to use later when you send the post job interview thank you letter.

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