Amazing Job Interview Samples

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

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Amazing Job Interview Samples

Job interview samples by themselves aren't likely to help the aspiring job seeker to perform well in the interview. After all, seeing how someone else did something right doesn't do much for you unless you can also get an explanation of how and why they did it so well. For that reason , any examples of great interview answers should also include a theory of what great interview answers should do. In a nutshell, great interview answers answer both the specific question that they are asked, but also the larger question of "are you qualified to do this job?" Great interview answers also answer this question in a way that reveals other aspects of the candidate that the interviewer will value. Lastly, the great interview answer does all these things in a completely convincing, lively and memorable manner that allows the interviewer to visualize the candidate's success in his or her own head.

Job interview samples that provide examples of how to do this are extremely rare. Imagine that a recent college graduate candidate was applying to a job as a legal assistant at a major law firm. Before even going on the job interview, the candidate would spend extensive time researching about the requirements and preferences of the position and learning what the company was looking for. In a nutshell, the law firm is looking for intelligent, detail-oriented, strong communicators who are able to work independently on very complex, sometimes repetitive tasks with very little room for error and often under tight deadline. Legal research, reading and writing skills are crucial. Further, the law firm prefers to hire legal assistants who have high GPAs, degrees from good schools, and who aspire to a career in law. Culturally, the law firm values ambition, leadership, loyalty, and dedication to the firm.

Job Interview Sample Responses and Background

In this job interview sample, the candidate might be asked the simple question of "do you have experience working on tasks which require a great deal of attention to detail?" One possible, bad, answer would be "Yes, I do. A lot." That does, technically, answer the question. But to answer the question in a way that also answers the issue of the candidate's qualifications, characteristics and other factors requires more than a simple yes. As a matter of fact, the more of the desired characteristics the interviewer is able to demonstrate on each answer, the more convincing he or she will be, and the cumulative effect of all those multi-purposed answers will eventually put the candidate over the top.

For instance, in this job interview sample response, the candidate could say "Yes, I do have a lot of experience with detail. I worked very closely with one of my professors for several semesters as a part of his research team. I spent a great deal of time in the library, both seeking source material and checking and re-checking citations. I remember that right at the end of the process, right as we neared publication deadline, the other professor working on the project had a family emergency that pulled him away from the team. Even though I had a spring break trip planned, I stayed and kept the citation-checking process going until it was finished."

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