Amazing Job Interview Pointers

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Amazing Job Interview Pointers

The most effective job interview pointers do not tell job candidates how to act or answer questions in the job interview. The best job interview pointers are the pointers that give a clear set of instructions for how to prepare for the job interview beforehand. If you do a good enough job preparing for the interview in advance, your only job interview pointer that you will need on the day of the interview is to simply execute what you have prepared for. In a nutshell, the best job interview pointers are to research the target job thoroughly, to prepare your answers strategically, and to practice delivering these answers diligently.

Job interview pointers directly related to research recommend that you learn as much as possible about your target job. In fact, if possible, you should go into your job interview knowing as much about the target job as you do about your current job. Though that isn't very practical, at a minimum you should know the daily duties of the job, the attributes that the company most values and the results that the company most wants to see from the employee. The answers you find for these questions will serve your job interview preparations in two ways. In the first place, these desired qualities and results give you some strong hints about what questions the interviewer is likely to ask in the job interview. In the second place, these attributes provide extremely strong hints about what answers the interviewer is looking for to these questions.

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The second phase of job interview pointers includes advice on how to best answer those questions. Clearly, since you know what the interviewer is looking for from you, you have a ready made guide for how you want to answer the questions. This does not mean that you want to lie or somehow make up answers, however. Instead, your job interview answer preparation goal should be to take your existing history, skills and experience and form them into answers that convey the desired impression. An effective way to do this is through the use of the interview example or anecdote. Simply saying that you have a skill set, or that you have achieved some particular results does not do much to impress or persuade a job interviewer. He or she needs proof, and a great way to provide that is through a story that dramatizes that element. Part of your job interview preparation should therefore be creating these stories, complete with situations, actions and results.

The last phase of job interview pointers is practicing these answers. Get a job interview practice session in using the questions and answers you developed. Have your job interview partner ask you other questions as well, to test your ability to react quickly to questions. If possible, videotape your practice sessions and review them afterwards for how well you answer questions and turn them into anecdotes. When you notice a weakness in your job interview technique, perform the research, prepare, and practice actions until you turn it into strength.

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