Amazing Job Interview Net Secrets

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Amazing Job Interview Net Secrets

Performing well on your next job interview net is as simple as following a four step process. The first step to this process Is research, the second step is predicting the questions, the third step is developing the answers and the fourth step is practicing the answers. Researching the position means more than simply looking at the job description. To really succeed in your job interview net, you should go into the interview with a knowledge of the target job nearly as complete as the knowledge you have of your current job. At the very least you should know about the daily duties of the position, the environment you perform it in, the results you are expected to achieve in the position, and the characteristics the target corporate culture values most. When you have compiled all this information, then you should create a list or ideal candidate profile with that information.

This ideal candidate profile will be your guide for the rest of the job interview net preparation process. You will first use it for the second step, predicting questions. Since you know what the target company is looking for, you have a head start on guessing what questions they will ask. Imagine the kinds of questions that an interviewer would ask to discover if you had all the requirements to be found on the ideal candidate profile. Those are the questions you should use for the next step, that of preparing your answer. Preparing your answer means that you find a way to answer the questions you have predicted in a way that will make you look like the ideal candidate profile that you have created. This does not mean, however, that you are going to make up answers or in any way lie in the job interview net.

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Instead, your job interview net answers will take your existing true history and turn it into proof and examples of your suitability for the position. Put it this way. If you were asked to give examples of times that you had exhibited the characteristics of the ideal profile, what examples or evidence would you give? Those are the elements that you should find a way to develop into your job interview answers. It's especially effective if you are able to make them into miniature narratives, complete with a situation, action and result that matches or is relevant to the target job's situation, actions or results.

The last step of the job interview net process is practice. Since most people are used to giving simple informational answers, it takes a little bit of practice to get used to answering job interview questions in the form of examples, stories and evidence. For that reason, you should try to perform a mock interview with a friend or job search partner before you have your real job interview net. If you have a videotape or tape recorder, make a tape of the interview and evaluate it afterwards for plausibility.

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