Amazing Job Interview Hints

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Amazing Job Interview Hints

The best job interview hints are tips for how to prepare for the job interview ahead of time, in the months weeks and days before you go in to talk to someone about your dream job. Tips given a couple of weeks or even days in advance can do a lot more for your job search than tips that you receive right beforehand. These job interview hints would come down to four steps: Research, Predict Questions, Develop Answers, and Practice. There are, however, some suggestions that you can follow on the day of the job interview that will help you to put in your very best possible performance: Show up on time, dress appropriately, let the interviewer take the lead.

The first of the job interview hints is research. This very simply means learning as much as you can about the job and the target company. In an ideal world, you would go into a job interview with as much knowledge about your target job as you have about your current job. That would allow you to answer the questions you receive with a strategic focus on presenting the information that you know is the most important to the interviewer. Since this isn't likely to be possible, at the very least you should gain a clear knowledge of the target job's daily duties, desired results and the characteristics that the target company values in employees. Use that knowledge to create a list of the top elements that the company wants in their new employee. Use that list to predict what questions the interviewer would ask you to get that information from you. Those are likely to be the questions you will hear.

More Job Interview Hints for Your Success

Job interview hints on developing answers to questions include the hint that you should shape your answers to meet the desired elements of the target job, and to use plenty of backups from your own experience. Imagine that you have to make a case that you possess all of the desired characteristics, requirements and experience that the job interviewer is looking for. How would you prove that to him or her? One way is to point out the times in your life when you have dramatically displayed those elements on the job or in your personal life. For example, if you are asked a question about how well you handle tight deadlines, a story about a tight deadline that you met, against multiple obstacles, is more convincing than a simple assurance that you are able to meet deadlines.

Other job interview hints include the need to practice these answers in an interview setting. One good way to do this is through the use of the mock interview. Get a friend or job interview partner to work with you, and videotape the results. As you watch the tape, pay attention to the areas when you seem hesitant, unsure, unclear or unnatural. These are the areas where you could use some help. It may be that you need to go through the whole process over again on these areas to make sure that you get as smooth and confident as you can be.

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