Amazing How to Do a Job Interview Secrets

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Amazing How to Do a Job Interview Secrets

The answer to how to do a job interview can be given in four easy stages. The first stage is to gather information and research the position. The second stage is to compile that information and use it to predict the questions you will be asked. The third stage is to develop the most effective possible answers to those questions. The fourth and final stage is to practice those answers until you get them perfect. Following these four stages in order will guarantee that you go into the job interview ready to answer the right questions in the right way to get the job offer.

Research, the first stage of how to do a job interview is also the most important. The information that you uncover during your research stage will give the basis for all the other stages. Consequently, it is worth doing extensively and correctly. As a matter of fact, it is no possible to do too much research for a job interview. Imagine, for example, how well you would do on a job interview for your current job with your current manager. Your intimate knowledge of the job, the organization and the interviewer would give you an incredible advantage as you selected the attributes you highlighted, the results you bragged about, and the stories you told. That is the level of knowledge that you should strive for as you do this research. At the very least, you should have a clear sense of the jobs duties, the results the employee is expected to generate, a feeling for the values the organization's corporate culture values most and a firm grasp of the environment and situation that you will work in.

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The next stage of how to do a job interview is to take all that information you have gathered and create an ideal profile of the candidate the company is looking for. This profile helps you generate most of the predicable questions you will be asked. Namely, the questions that will reveal whether or not you have those desired attributes. This profile also give you a head start on developing our answers to those questions. Without lying or making up information, you want to make your answers portray you as exactly the kind of person in that ideal candidate profile.

Knowing how to do a job interview requires you to know how to take the questions you are asked and provide proof from your job and personal history in a way that portrays you as the ideal profile. Personal stories and narratives are an effective way to do that. If you simply given an informational answer to a question, that is neither convincing nor memorable. But if you give an informational answer, then back it up with a dramatic story or example of that answer, you not only convince the interviewer but also give him or her a mental image of your success to remember later. The last stage of how to do a job interview preparation is to practice giving these answers until they become second nature.

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