After the Job Interview Offer: What Next?

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

After the Job Interview Offer: What Next?

When you get a job interview offer, the first thing you should do is take a few minutes to congratulate yourself. Above all other resources, companies value the time and energy of their coworkers most of all. For you to get the go-ahead for a job interview means that your resume and cover letter made it clear that you are a candidate who is worth spending time evaluating. Once you are finished patting yourself on the back, however, get ready to do some work. Succeeding in a job interview means putting a lot of different elements together. You have to convey a specific impression to an interviewer in a short period of time, in response to specific questions that the interviewer asks. This isn't an impossible task, but you can't expect to just walk in and pull it off, especially for a competitive position.

Once you've received your job interview offer, you can begin implementing a four-step interview preparation process guaranteed to improve your performance. This process consists of Researching the Position, Predicting the Questions, Preparing the Answers and Practicing the Responses. Researching the Position is pretty simple and straightforward. Before you even go in to take your interview, you should know everything that you can possibly find out about the job's duties, environment, and desired results. Additionally, you should make it your business to discover what kind of attributes and characteristics the organization's corporate culture appreciates the most. This research, conducted by both reading and by consulting people who would know, will help you create an ideal candidate profile for the opening you are applying for. You can use this ideal candidate profile to predict the questions you will be asked.

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When you accept your job interview offer and go into the interviewer's office, you can be sure that you will be asked the questions which will uncover whether or not you fit this ideal candidate profile. Furthermore, the answers that you give should be answers that will make you undoubtedly fit that profile. The way to develop those answers is to look over that profile and think of ways that your experience, training, qualifications and history supports the argument that you are someone that fits that profile. Prepare these examples and stories about your past as potential responses to the questions about those attributes, and be ready to deliver them upon command.

Before you accept the job interview offer and go into the organization, spend some time preparing for the interview questions. Get together with a friend or job search partner and answer the predicted questions using the answers that you have developed. If you have access to a videotape or tape recorder, use that to determine whether or not you can effectively deliver your job history examples as support of your candidacy. Depending on where you falter or seem to lack convincing power, your solution may be found in repeating any one of the four steps over until you get it right once and for all.

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