Acing Your Job Interview Test

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Acing Your Job Interview Test

The job interview test is just another of the many different tools that companies use to try to standardize and refine their interview process. Companies who are hiring have a real problem. They must find the workers who can perform the work the company needs to succeed and who can grow into the next generation of leaders and managers. The problem is that the companies only get to spend a couple of hours evaluating the candidates before they can make a decision. These companies wind up making a hire based on a resume, a couple of interviews and a discussion among the hiring decision makers. In an attempt to add some sort of rigor and quantitative consistency, these companies often turn to standardized tests to be administered to candidates.

Sometimes the job interview test is a test of the skills necessary to do the job, such as a case study. Other times the job interview tests are more generalized tests of the candidate's personality, leadership style, intelligence, problem-solving ability or some other factor. Each of these kinds of job interview tests poses different challenges to the taker, and each demands a different strategy for successfully meeting that challenge. Tests that will focus on job required skills, for instance, can be prepared for by spending time analyzing the required skills for the job and predicting what is likely to be tested. The other kinds of job interview tests, however, are a little more difficult to prepare for.

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For the more unpredictable job interview tests you might be given, the best strategy is to be the best version of yourself you can be, and to be consistent. A lot of the job interview tests that are administered are to test a candidate's ethics or personality style. There is no way to "beat" those tests, but at the same time there is no need to reveal all the worst bits of your personality either. As you take these tests, take them using the persona of your very best possible version of yourself. Don't think as much about how you might truly feel and do at your worst, think of how you would feel and do on your best day and on your best behavior. Maintain this mindset throughout the totality of the test. Many times these personality test incorporate a lot of redundancy, to try to "catch" people who change their answers halfway through.

As you take the job interview test, try to avoid nervousness and putting too much pressure on yourself. At the end of the day, the test will not be the element that will win or lose you the job. For most decision makers, these tests are tools, and unproven ones at that. If your resume, interview and references suggest that you are a strong candidate, the test results will not be likely to have that great an effect. Conversely, if your job interview went poorly, and your resume shows that you lack the basic qualifications, a high test score on some personality exam isn't going to be likely to get you the job.

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