Technology Skills Interview Questions

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Interview Question: Tell me about a time when it was necessary for you to communicate technical information, clearly, to an audience.
Answer Guide:: Applicant should appear to keep current with current technological advancements and they should be able communicate that information succinctly and clearly.
Interview Question: What plans have you in the near future to take extra technical training, and how will it help your career prospects?
Answer Guide:: Applicant should want to acquire new technical knowledge.
Interview Question: Give me an example of an assignment, which you have recently worked on, that involved the learning of a new technical development.
Answer Guide: Applicant should not show resistance, but a willingness to learn. They should want to understand and implement new knowledge.
Interview Question: How computer literate are you, and which software programs are you familiar with?
Answer Guide: Knowledge of software should include word processing, presentation software, database and spreadsheet programs, and industry specific software
Interview Question: Could your work performance be improved by incorporating new technical knowledge and developments?
Answer Guide: Job seeker should push for new technical training and to implement this new knowledge into work practices.
Interview Question: What is your level of experience with software used in your job? What resources do you use when faced with a PC problem?
Answer Guide: Candidate should be able, and prepared, to communicate a difficulty to colleagues. They should be aware of online and software resources, such as Microsoft help and support, to overcome difficulties.
Interview Question: Have you ever used software to make a work related presentation?
Answer Guide: Applicant should have experience of making presentation and of using PowerPoint.

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