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Interview Question: With reference to a day’s work, what steps do you take to organize and prioritize your tasks?
Answer Guide: Applicant’s ability to focus will be evaluated. They should be able to organize and plan the tasks to be completed.
Interview Question: How do you decide which tasks take priority when organizing a complete project?
Answer Guide: Applicant should appear focused when deciding what needs to be completed first and show common sense in their decision making.
Interview Question: How do you perform when others need your guidance in a business crisis?
Answer Guide: Job seeker should show that they can supervise and give direction while acting under stress.
Interview Question: Has there been an occasion when you refused to bow to a customer’s pressure to “bend the rules”?
Answer Guide: Applicant needs to demonstrate ethical professional standards. They should always keep in mind the interests of the organization and understand that these interests are more important than the customer’s interests.
Interview Question: What do you when you discover you are in a compromising situation?
Answer Guide: Applicant should show the ability to a make good, fast decisions. They should not be a victim and should work towards doing what is right. They should be able to be honest without being naive?
Interview Question: Describe a specific instance, in a group situation, where you made your views known about an issue important to yourself. What was the issue, and why was it crucial?
Answer Guide: Applicants answer should indicate that they are capable of leadership qualities through effective communication. They should not be intimidated easily.
Interview Question: Your whole team has proposed a course of action, but you believe that the stance is unethical, how do you react?
Answer Guide: Applicant must be able to express their views in profession and persuasive manner. They should not bend under pressure and should be able to stand up for what they think is right.

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