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Interview Question: Have you ever been in a situation, at work, when you have been motivated to question an ethical issue?
Interview Answer Guide: Evaluate the answer and try to see if the job seeker is intimidated by authority figures; are they prepared to protest something they do not believe in; are they able to see things from someone else's perspective.

Interview Question: If a clash of personalities were to occur with a colleague, what steps would you take to make the working relationship run smoothly?
Interview Answer Guide: Things to look for: Does the job seeker seem to have the ability to solve this issue? What steps would they take? Does the thought of a personality conflict intimidate them? Do they seem confrontational or quietly assertive?

Interview Question: Can you explain an occasion when you have had to motivate and boost the morale of your colleagues.
Interview Answer Guide: Evaluate how positive and confident the applicant appears to be when discussing their ability to motivate co-workers. Do they seem confident that they can improve productivity in difficult situations?

Interview Question: Describe an occasion when you had to give an explanation of what you could realistically deliver, and why was this issue important?
Interview Answer Guide: If the delivery falls short or there is a problem, then immediate steps can be taken to correct the problem. Should have realistic expectations based on skills and/or abilities.

Interview Question: What steps will you take to clarify unclear information, or instructions with regard to your work?
Interview Answer Guide: Does the job seeker’s answer show that they will be assertive or confrontational when trying to clarify instructions?

Interview Answer Guide: Assess whether or not the candidate can deal with confrontational issues in a calm and rational manner. Does the very thought of disobedience make them angry?

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