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SUBJECT: Residential Inspection at 2500 Morris

At your request, I inspected the house at 2500 Morris on January 8, 19. Based on my limited visual inspection, I think the house needs immediate foundational and roofing repair before we can attempt to market it.

The foundation has experienced differential movement to a more-than-normal degree. The roof is nonserviceable on the north half of the garage. The basic structural framing, including load-bearing walls and vertical bracing, appears to be functional as intended with one exception: The front porch is in poor condition due to wood rot.

Deterioration of nonstructural materials requires repair but not immediately.

Flashing caps loose. Have Lenny Holloway make these repairs before the heavy rains cause further drainage problems.

Attic insulation missing. Recommend we add it after the house is sold.

Exterior paint cracked. Schedule painting job with Kemkoe Painters, Inc., at their earliest convenience. The house will not sell without a new paint job. I would suggest we keep the original color if it is at all possible to match it.

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