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Welcome to New Employee

Guidelines and Alternate Phrases

Show pleasure at the prospective employee’s decision to join the firm. Show sincere enthusiasm and confidence in the employee.

Jack, we’re thrilled you’re casting your lot with us.

We were so pleased to learn you had accepted the job offer here.

We are so pleased to hear you will be joining us shortly in Sarasota.

Welcome aboard. We can’t wait until you get here to help us call the shots.

We want to welcome you to the Hintze staff; we’re eager to have you help us improve our services here.

We’re looking forward to having you join us next month. There are many who’ve already spoken with you during the times you visited and who are so eager to have you on the team.

We’ve been so proud to announce to our clients you will be joining our staff August 1.

We’ve made the right decision in offering you a position here, and you’ve certainly made the right decision in accepting our challenge. We can hardly wait to have you aboard and working on the challenges that face us in the coming months.

The other members of our management team and I want to formally welcome you to the organization. We continue to appreciate your past accomplishments elsewhere and are expecting equally good things here.

Make the reader feel good about the decision to join the staff, with gentle reminders about the challenges and rewards of the future. You may make complimentary remarks about the people in the organization, the organization’s past successes, or the abilities and experience of the new employee.

Our Sarasota location has lagged behind our other divisions for two years now, and we’re looking forward to your turning things around there.

Your smile and energy will be a welcome addition to the front office and customer counter.

Your enthusiasm and expertise make a package that will be difficult to beat during the upcoming months.

The quality and productivity issues we discussed with you during the interviewing process are the primary challenges facing us as an organization and you individually in your leadership position. The workers at your site are definitely looking to you for new ideas about reducing waste and improving the overall efficiency of our operations.

Your sales quotas will present both a challenge and a sense of great accomplishment as you bring new accounts to the organization.

Your first concern will be to reduce our delivery time overseas, a major issue in winning repeat business in those markets.

The new software development programs you’ll be designing will have top priority with all our managers, and their successful completion will gain you visibility throughout the organization.

We’re looking forward to hearing your innovative ideas, to seeing your plan for redesign of the facilities, and to following your lead in improving customer service.

Of course, we think ours is the best bank in the city, and we think you will, too, especially after you begin work here. Our employees have built the fine reputation we enjoy.

We think you and Bob Harris are just the two people to turn our company to the future in account management.

We expect another great year—we’re projecting real growth of about 28 percent again.

Offer any help you think may ease the employee’s adjustment to the new community or work environment.

The people in our Personnel office can provide a plethora of lists—everything from doctors to tennis instructors. Please call them.

If I can answer questions about the community, such as available medical facilities, child-care centers, or recreational activities, let me know.

We’d be happy to make a few phone calls on your behalf to see if we can find your two teenage sons summer employment, if they’re interested.

We’ve enclosed season tickets for you and your wife to the community theater. We want you to become immediately involved in our social activities here and meet other couples who may share your interests.

We’ll be happy to reimburse the travel expenses for your wife to join you over the next two or three weekends until the family gets moved here permanently.

Use an informal tone.

Be personal and specific in your comments; a welcome-to-the-organization too often sounds like a form letter and loses its impact with vague generalities.

I hope you and your two boys can get immediately involved in the Grayson Golf Club.

Although the weather in Houston is somewhat muggier than Boulder, you can always look at the bright side—your skin will look young forever!

You’re going to have about a 30-minute commute from your Westwood subdivision. Unless you’ve heard of a better route, I suggest taking I-10 into downtown.

Why don’t you ask Marge and the girls to join us for lunch sometime during the first few weeks? I’ll be eager to meet them.

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