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SUBJECT:       Companywide Reorganization

The reorganization of the Research/Development and Marketing divisions represents a fundamental change in Universal’s management approach—both philosophically and structurally. Underlying the restructuring is the belief Universal must become more aggressive in exploiting growth opportunities overseas. Toward that objective, planning and execution of those plans require central leadership to coordinate worldwide entrepreneurial management.

Under our present reorganization the Research/Development and Marketing divisions will serve as international resources for assistance and coordination, as well as provide effective communication among all our locations. Primarily, this strengthened matrix will help us focus on specific goals and fix accountability for achievement.

With this direction, we will devote financial resources only to those projects that best satisfy our worldwide, long- and short-range objectives for profitability.

To give you a better idea of who does what, the attached Summary Table of Organization briefly outlines responsibilities of new positions and divisions. These organizational changes should improve control of product introduction and marketing effort.

With pleasure I’d like to announce the following key appointments and promotions: Juan Guiterrez—Director of Marketing; Harvey Mahon—Director of Research/Development; Myrtle Ivy—General Manager, Australia; Kelly Little—General Manager, Japan; Morton Tinsley—General Manager, England. Shortly, you will receive communication from these individuals about help and direction they can furnish you on specific projects.

With all confidence of extended growth and greater personal achievement from each of you, I look forward to our May meeting in Houston.

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