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Congratulations on Opening New Business

Guidelines and Alternate Phrases

Mention the occasion for your writing.

Did I see your sign on the door at 2234 Post Oak? Congratulations.

Your business is off to a great start. Or, at least the ad in Today’s Architecture certainly got my attention.

I’m so happy for you—opening one’s own business is quite a momentous occasion.

Congratulations on opening your new store at such an enviable location.

Your new store front, ads, and window displays are breathtaking.

Your practice is one we’ve needed in the community for a long time.

Just what we need—a new restaurant that serves calorie-free food. Or did I misunderstand your intention?

Congratulations on your new venture; opening your own business certainly is a mark of distinction.

I admire your foresight in opening your new business in such a booming area.

The floors are carpeted, the windows are clean, the merchandise is displayed—it’s a great feeling, I’m sure. Congratulations on your efforts.

Comment on past achievements, dreams, or personal traits that have led to the new endeavor.

Your years at Wilhelm have paved the way for sound buying decisions.

Your achievements in all the “normal” slots the large corporations could offer have been a valuable training ground. You have acquired the training and the insights to successfully fly solo.

Your genuinely warm personality, I know, will attract clients and build the relationships into long-term ones.

I feel certain it’s your persistence and rugged determination leading you on this exciting new path.

Your unique approach to problem-solving as a team leader will make you an excellent small-business owner, a situation where every player counts.

I know this has been a life-long dream, and few of us have the courage to act on our dreams.

Wish the reader success.

You and Margie have worked hard to position yourselves to take advantage of this new opportunity. You deserve to succeed.

Frankly, I’m envious—though you still have my best regards.

I wish you every success as you build the business.

Here’s to your success in the years to come.

I look forward to seeing a multi-million dollar corporation shortly.

We’ll be seeing great things from your efforts.

If anyone deserves to succeed, you do.

Your idea is a splendid one—I wish I’d thought of it myself.

My hat’s off to you.

Your timing looks great, your location seems logical, and your product sounds superb. Congratulations!

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