Job Descriptions, Definitions Roles, Responsibility: Weighers, Measurers, Checkers & Samplers, Recordkeeping

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Weighers, measurers, checkers, and samplers weigh, measure, and check materials, supplies, and equipment in order to keep accurate records. Most of their duties are clerical. Using either manual or automated data-processing systems, they verify the quantity, quality, and overall value of the items they are responsible for and check the condition of items purchased, sold, or produced against records, bills, invoices, or receipts. They check the items to ensure the accuracy of the recorded data. They prepare reports on warehouse inventory levels and on use of parts. Weighers, measurers, checkers, and samplers also check for any defects in the items and record the severity of the defects they find.

These workers use weight scales, counting devices, tally sheets, and calculators to obtain information about the products. They usually move objects to and from the scales with a handtruck or forklift. They issue receipts for the products when needed or requested.

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